“It all started in 2005 when 4 friends, Tobias Jackson, Thomas Kidd, Kieron Botting and Bryan Lloyd locked eyes over their cocktail shakers and thought f*ck this sh*t, we could do this 10x better. The rest? Well, that’s history.

From humble beginnings to industry-leading antics, The Adventure Bar Group now boasts 6 unique brands, 13 sites and the ethos that every day should be a party.

Fronted by a team of rule-breakers, renegades & party veterans – the rules are, there are no rules and if your night didn’t descend into tabletop dancing…you simply didn’t do it right.

Boasting a roster of iconic cocktail bars, born from hospitality’s boldest brains – they range from the sass-soaked Tonight Josephine to the unapologetically authentic Nikki’s Bar.

The story may have started in London, but after a healthy dose of blood, sweat and (a lot) of beers, these bars began to pop up in every corner of the UK. What’s next? World domination. Obvs.”